Professionally done makeup – is highlighted beauty of a women and skillfully hidden she’s disadvantages!

(Studio Style)



   MakeUp Problems?

   Catch, study makeup for 3 hours, guarantee obtaining knowledge!

   You do not take seriously? You may need to change the image?!

   Tell me what you know about make up?!

   Well, let’s pretend that you know a few companies that you are using, and where they are sold. But what about the knowledge of colors that suits you and not to poster  girl ?! Do you know how guaranteed to attract the attention of large number of men using only everyday makeup?! If not, the Studio Style offers to know more of what you do not use, and completely vainly …

   5 guaranteed solutions from stylists Studio Style!


– A little theory about what makeup is.

– What brand of cosmetics to use and which is not (without advertising)

– Analysis of examples of successful and not successful makeup

– Step by step instructions for applying makeup to the handling of each step on a living model, that is you

– Create your daily and evening make up edition.

   What you get:

– Personal studying

– Have the ability to highlight your beauty

   Get Up service cost in our price list

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