True elegance is to dress like everyone else, but in a unique manner.

(Francoise Giraud)




Together to “Transformation” (Full Style)

   The purpose of Studio Style – is to create a sensational  “transformation”  that you have a wonderful result! We do not just give advice, we make unsurpassed your transformation!  Support customers at every stage changes after them!  After all pick your own style, proper makeup, hairstyle and haircut is an art.

   Individual style is not limited to clothing, it is an expression of personality:  exhibits appearance, style hold and present themselves, the image tells others about its owner, his looks, education, thought … First of all, the new image should reflect your personality and individuality!

  Service includes 5 levels and lasts 3 days.

   1.Image consulting

  • choosing color type appearance
  • analysis of the shapes, the selection of  line cut that fits and what to avoid
  • selection of individual style in view of the dynamics of business life
  • functional wardrobe capsule and how it works

   2. Wardrobe analysis (during 3-4hour).

  • creating new images from old things that live in the locker room today
  • creating images that are ideal for your personality and lifestyle
  • creating styles for all occasions
  • analysis and selection of new accessories
  • Shopping List for shopping
  • New images in Photos

   3. Shopping assistance (during 3-4hour).

  • selection of brands and stores individually to each client
  • purchase new 3 set of clothes to complete new image
  • professional advice when choosing clothes for shopping

   4. Beauty salon

  • Barber stylist consultation and a new hair style (hair color, hairstyle, individual needs of the client)
  • Consulting makeup master and makeup implementation

   5. Photo session (1 hour).

  • Professional shooting new images involving skilled photographer (1 hour)

   Service “Transformation” lasts 3 days, the first day – Image consulting and Analysis wardrobe 3-4 hours, the second day – Shopping accompaniment 3 images, the third day – Beauty Photosession 4-5 hours.

   P.S If desired, the customer can order additional time for all services listed here. A separate value of each service can be found in the price listed on the site Studio Style!

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Валентина Надіслано 2013/10/25 о 08:59

Дякую Studio Style за чудову роботу!! Дівчата професіонали! Допомогли кардинально змінити свій імідж, розібрали мій загромаджений гардероб, показали що підходить до моєї нестандартної фігури!! Рекомендую всім! Успіхів!

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