The little black dress is appropriate in all cases. In this dress woman always looks natural.

                                                                                               (Karl Lagerfeld)



We offer a new service from Studio Style – “Away from home shopping!”

   You have an excellent opportunity to shopping abroad or in other cities in Ukraine with professional stylists!

   Travel for shopping abroad is quite usual, self-evident fact today. So we offer you to enjoy an unforgettable shopping, visiting the world’s capital of fashion! Trying on a high-quality and original world brands, you will dive into the world of luxury and pleasure! Using the help of stylists abroad, you will receive a planned and interesting shopping in boutiques, shops or outlet.

   Studio Style will give you an unforgettable experience of shopping abroad!

   What you get from the service:

  • change the usual atmosphere;
  • professional help in choosing clothes;
  • ambitious sales and discounts (Sale);
  • brand and quality clothing;
  • refund of income tax (Tax Free);

   Service “Away from home shopping ” – stylist works with one or two clients (ideally one) in order to work more effective.

   Shopping in Ukraine – the prices of all the stylists are not changing!


 – Milan – 250-300 euros per day (shopping tete-a-tete)

 – Paris – 500 EUR

 – Krakow – at a cost of 100 euros round service shopping guide 100 euros for 3 hours.

* Additional costs for the service: Arrival stylist residence.





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