I’m always watching the fashion, but from afar.

    (Jean Fayar)




   Crazy rhythm of life business people does not leave free time …  if it appears, then spend it on shopping trips – the last of which would like to think…

   Stylists Studio Style offers you a new service “Shopping on order” and forget about the problems associated with the selection and buying clothes once and for all!

   We solve the problem of wasting  time for shopping, develop an individual style and create a new thoughtful wardrobe while you are doing your own business.

   All that you need – a little bit of time for stylists individual advice, during which we’ll remove the required measurements and draw up a plan of purchases.

   Facilities that you get on service by selecting the “Shopping on order”:

  • saving time
  • to spend their free time as convenient for you
  • saving financial costs
  • discounts through coupon card company
  • thoughtful wardrobe

   In today’s world it is important to act rationally by choosing advanced services that are convenient to you!

   Think only about what is really important! Spend your free time as you like!




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