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Design – is the eternal attempt to combine comfort with luxury, practicality with a dream

(Donna Karan)




   Studio Style offers a new service: VIP shopping, which includes high quality service and the most rational approach to the development of individual style!

  This service is for you if:

– Time for you – money and you cannot afford to spend it on long clothes search

– It is difficult to find things that are perfectly emphasize your figure is

– You debilitating long and boring trips to the boutiques

   Unfortunately, in work flow of cases, successful busy people can not always check their style and fashion trends. Not enough time to have to run through the boutiques and choose a new dress or suit. The process of choosing new clothes often exhausting,  and the result is poor. Develop and support image – an important job that requires dedication of a specialist in the fashion industry and of the person for who’s image is formed.

   Studio Style Stylists will help you:

– In choosing clothes that emphasize your individuality and optimize your status and budget

– Create a personal image, allowing for the features of your appearance

– To form a proper wardrobe in which clothes share a common purpose and combined with each other in style and colors

– Save your money by avoiding embarrassing and costly mistakes when choosing clothes

– Save your time, because you no longer have to spend hours searching for the right things

  VIP shopping advantages:

   VIP shopping includes the second “Wardrobe Analysis”, during which we form new sets and take pictures of the items purchased. (Photos of the finished look will help the client to reproduce images compiled independently).

   VIP shopping consists of the following stages:

   Image consulting – (You will be drawn up a special program to develop an individual style. It will contain information about the features of your appearance, goals and needs. Stylists analyze the type of shape and proportions of the body, based on what you get individual advice on appropriate fashion, silhouette lines cut, length of articles, images, textures and textures of fabrics. We are confident that through right-chosen clothes can look slimmer and younger authoritative!

   Wardrobe analysis – sort out of all things and accessories that live in your wardrobe. Everything is a fitting, evaluating and classified by style. During an analysis of wardrobe stylists create new combinations of existing things and form sets for different situations. Re-analysis of wardrobe (If you prefer, you can use the reanalysis wardrobe, during which we will create sets of items purchased with those who have lived in your wardrobe.

   Shopping support – exists to make you forget once and for all the problems associated with the choice of clothes and received from the campaign to the shops only positive emotions !!! Glad not only saved money, nerves and time and also seamlessly picked wardrobe, learning a lot of useful information on the topic of fashion and style.

   Find out the cost of services VIP-shopping in our price list


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