Friends! Welcome everybody in  Studio Style!

   My name is Olesya Benyo – image stylist, designer and founder of the

First Agency Of Stylist Shoppers in Lviv.




   When someone ask me why chose this profession, you hear one answer: “This is my element and my life!”

   Back in the early school years, it was important to have my own style and to choose clothes. After school, I did not hesitate about job in a trendy boutique, at the same time obtaining higher education in marketing. I always looking  through shining eyes on the new collection! Provide advice to clients in choosing the fashion and style brings me a great pleasure, and most importantly create mega positive feelings of gratitude for the help!

   My goal in life – learning and development in the beloved occupation! That’s why, the next step in creative work, has become a visual merchandising for clothes. Looks compounded by me where happily trying on and buying by customers in clothing stores and stylized windows immediately became fashionable business card brand. My opinion – successful people are those who are in love with their work and given it full force!

   The next step for me – where the professional makeup courses, obtaining a profession of shopping-stylist  and finally the long-awaited study of the professional image design. Be competent of fashion trends and tendencies, learn from professionals – has become my hobby! I think the profession stylist and image-shopper designer is helpful and necessary for today!

   In the large cities massive open shopping centers containing a large variety of brands. For most people, the question arises in choosing clothes, colors, trends and style. In impulse of confusing people apply to close friends, relatives or acquaintances. But does really friends always give good advice? Why do your shopping turn into disappointment, a wasting of precious time and money? For your information, shopping assistance, professional advice and listen to dismantle the wardrobe – became available for everyone!

   Misconception to believe that stylist’s customers are only people who have no taste! We assure you it is not true! Our primary clients are people who want to bring order in their wardrobe, get professional advice and are willing to change with its own style and image! So sign up for professional stylists Studio Style, enjoys shopping and create their own individual and unsurpassed style!

   Sincerely yours Olesya Benyo.