If a man dressed nicely, she feels more confident, strong and beautiful! (Studio Style)

If you want to look elegant, stylish and in a new way every day?

If you want to solve the problem of choosing and buying clothes without spending too much?

Want to create a thoughtful and functional wardrobe?

We know how to resolve these issues quickly and easily! Stop wasting time on useless purchases and unnecessary cluttering your wardrobe!


We are the first agency stylist-shoppers

Studio Style

   The approach of professional stylists team, shoppers, allows you to create perfectly designed, finished images with carefully elaborated details! We will make every look ideal and will help determine the style that expresses your personality the most attractive!

   Visit to the stylist does not mean that you can’t dress or have no taste! When you have a toothache – you are applying to dentist, when you need to fix a shoe – you are applying in a shoe shop, and when you want to look spectacular – you need to contact the stylist! This simple truths of life of every person.

    Why apply to a stylist?

  • we know where and what you can buy
  • We know the secret unsurpassed image and style
  • We have cards for discounts that are willing to share
  • We make shopping easy and most interesting for you
  • we will make your wardrobe fashionable and rational

   Our main services in the development of personal style and image:

   – Single consultation

   – Shopping assistance

   – wardrobe analysis

   – Transformation (Full style)

   We are tired of looking at how people are buying new things, throw money away, spending time in vain, it is not the work of professional! Therefore, we want to offer our services a personal stylist and well-planned shopping!

   The main goal Studio Style: style and create an effective image that expresses your personality the most successful for you and will help in achieving their goals!

   Methods of Studio Style characterized by individual approach to each client and focus only on the best result that can successfully operate in the field of personal counseling and the formation of a unique image.


  • provide services of shopping-stylists to shopping centers, boutiques, shops
  • organize seminars and workshops for fashion and style
  • take part in various fashion events and activities
  • stylized assists and photoshooting


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  1. Наталя

    Мені було б цікаво скоритатися послугами професіонала.

    • Олеся

      Звертайтеся Наталія! Будемо раді попрацювати з Вами!:)

  2. Олег

    Чи потрібні Вам стилісти, дизайнери, шопери? шукаю роботу по профілю, було б цікаво зайнятись чимось таким.

    • Олеся

      так потрібні! Звертайтеся за номером 098 0720979

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