With  Studio Style you are guaranteed to learn the new profession of shopping- stylist, learn how to correctly identify color-type appearance, style, and choose styles of clothing are correct shape and maintain high quality makeup!




   Our school is for those who, if you ”No Misters” in fashion,  love shopping, easy orienting in shops and boutiques or just want to learn a new profession and fashionable while you quickly to us !!!

   Do not delay, come to shopping stylist school, because learning never too late!

   Shopper stylist course includes:

– Occupation stylist shopper (duration 6 hours. Theory + Practice)

– Color-type appearance (duration 3 hours. Theory)

– Line and cut. Correction of shapes (duration 3 hours. Theory)

– Directions style (duration 3 hours. Theory)

 The total cost of the course – 3500UAH.


   P.S Training lasts 4 days after each stage, compulsory homework. The form of group and individual training.

   Each stage can be ordered separately from the course, specify the value.

   Sign up to our Shopper-School and find a new profession! Company Studio Style is always ready to offer work and practice for talented school students.

   To check in shopping school please fill out the form below or call 098 0720979



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  1. Христина

    Щиро дякую Олесі Беньо за сьогоднішній шопінг супровід, це було незабутньо і дуже результативно, Олеся справжній професіонал!!!! Ви зробили неможливе!!!!!!!!!!