Wardrobe analysis

Owning a lot of clothes and dressing well are not the same thing! It’s no secret that your wardrobe is both a calling card and an intimate statement. It speaks volumes about our attitude towards ourselves, our mood, and even our plans for the future... That’s why it's so important for it to be in perfect harmony!
WARDROBE ANALYSIS is a thorough review of all the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe today. Each item is evaluated and classified by style. The clothing easily combines to create numerous new outfits!
Start your day with positive emotions! Let your reflection in the mirror boost your confidence and let the process of choosing clothes fill you with positivity!
The "Wardrobe Analysis" service offline is conducted at your home, focusing on the current season (spring-summer / autumn-winter).
The "Wardrobe Analysis" service online can be ordered in your preferred messenger (Zoom or Skype), where I will connect with you at a pre-arranged time to start our collaborative work.
Cost: $100/hour.Recommended duration: 3 hours.
You can also easily order this service in a new convenient file-presentation format, which is easy to use on your phone or computer. The stylist will send you a ready-made template where you need to photograph and place the desired clothes for analysis (up to 30 items for the current season). 
As a result, you will receive an analysis, advice on replacing "old" clothes, new combinations, and a shopping list with active links to stores.
Completion time for the file-presentation: up to 8 working days.
Cost: $350

During the service

Selection of new combinations for old things, sets for different life situations

Replacement of old "vampire things" that spoil your individuality and beauty

A list of necessary purchases that will be perfectly combined with the things you have

New life to existing clothes with the help of the right purchases


An effective way to get rid of the obsessive problem "I have nothing to wear",
as well as the opportunity to look new every day!

The service includes

1. Defining your main request and wishes for a new style
2. We will form the logic of the "new" wardrobe, taking into account your lifestyle, type of appearance and preferences
3. We will analyze the clothes in your wardrobe of the current season (Spring-Summer/Autumn-Winter)
4. We will create new combinations (sets) for things that are already in the wardrobe;
5. I will advise on the replacement of old "vampire things";
6. You will receive a photo of each image as a quick hint that is always at hand;
7. I will make a list of necessary purchases (shopping list) that will be perfectly combined with your existing clothes.

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● Choose a service format convenient for you and pay for it● Send a message with the payment receipt to the email address of the agency moc.liamg%40ycnega.elytsoiduts


● Fill out the Questionnaire on the website and attach your photo (taking into account the recommendations)● Send the completed application form to moc.liamg%40ycnega.elytsoiduts


Get the desired result, where clothes are easily combined with each other and make a lot of new sets!

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